Melodramatic... but in a good way

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I was not expected the level of melodrama that goes into this book. For a large portion, none of the characters feel that real. You have the stereotypical "mother losing her mind" (also her whole "I can't adopt I couldn't love a child I didn't give birth to" did NOT endear her to me) and the delusional "he still loves me, I know it" villain. For the longest time, the only characters I really liked was Abbey. Honestly, she carries the first half of the book.

It was the last bit where things got really good. Once things began picking up and secrets were revealed, it got intriguing. There were a few moments where I thought things might actually be a 5 star. But the ending was just a little too perfect for me. Too many things going too right to create the perfect HEA. It felt more like wish fulfillment than the best ending for the story.

But if you're looking for a melodramatic thriller, this is it.