As the saying goes "Mother Knows Best"!

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I saw this book about several months ago. I wanted to read it and therefore, when I got the chance to get a copy, I jumped at it. This book did not disappoint. While, I did figure out all of the plot twists before their reveals; I still enjoyed this book a lot.

Claire, Robert, and Jillian have a very "complicated" relationship. I could understand Claire's great need to be the test subject for Robert and Jillian. When it came to Robert; I thought that I would despise him but I didn't. In fact, I felt a bit sorry for him. Than there is Jillian. She is the "wild card". She brought the added intensity that the story needed.

A fast read for sure. I was so engaged with the plot and the characters that this made for easy reading. Kira Peikoff will have readers of fast paced/psychological thrillers thrilled with this book that will keep you up all night with engaging characters and a great storyline. As the saying goes "Mother Knows Best"!