Anything for a child

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Just how far would a mother go to ensure she has a healthy child? Claire knows the absolute heartbreak of losing a child. Her son Connor did not live as he was passed along a genetic mutation form his mother.

Claire so badly wants to have another child but knows she cannot risk passing along the gene and losing another child. This desperate woman is willing to go to desperate measures and when she has a chance to assure her baby will be well, she takes it.

The problem is this is an illegal procedure scientifically involving another woman's DNA. The procedure goes well and she has a beautiful daughter Abby.

To think you can go through live with such a huge secret seems unlikely and it is. Abby looks into her DNA as a school project and opens the Pandora box to this twisty novel. It is written between the 3 women's perspective and had me hooked until the final end.