Gleeful thriller.

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This book is generally a light, enjoyable read because, despite it being in the thriller genre, it has a gleeful, zesty tone throughout. So this is generally a bit more like reading a romance book, and the set-up is kind of the same: young-ish woman, trying to escape her past, moves to a new town and sets up a business. Here, it's a bar, and not making cupcakes or selling books.

The only difficulty for me is what you would expect in most thrillers--some gross, horrible things happen towards the end. But I like that most of the book avoided that.

Our heroine is probably somewhat foolish in repeatedly putting herself in danger if various ways, but I guess that provides the impetus and action for the plot.

If you want a light thriller for airport reading, this would be good. I had been somewhat put off by the title and the theme of some creepy guy being out there, but it wasn't really a problem in the end.