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A maze, for sure...

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Do you know those corn mazes, where you walk around and hit dead end after dead end, trying to find your way out? You know how frustrating it is to be walking along, enjoying yourself, and then WHAM-that path ends up going nowhere? That's what reading Mr. Tender's Girl felt like to me.

I remember bits about Mr. Slender when it hit the news, and I don't know how true the author stayed to any details or how far he strayed, but to me, what were some of the most intriguing and fascinating bits...were brought up and discarded, never to be reintroduced(not giving spoilers so I won't say what bits).

The poor dear won't keep a knife in her own home. She only allows 3 in her coffee shop. Good thing she's not afraid of that sharp corkscrew...

I didn't have a problem with the ending, like others did-to me, it ended with yet another, and a final, drop...

I read quite a lot of psychological suspense, as much as I can stuff in between my other reading, if that helps.