Raw hearts

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This was gritty and raw. A story that doesn’t end with every conflict resolved, or the character riding off into the sunset. This was a messed up family, this was grief, anger, love, hope, and much more. I felt so bad for Marley. I do feel that she was the glue for the Joseph family, but it also wasn’t healthy for her. The brothers had so much to deal with, and Mick/Elise…. Oh my gosh lol. Family therapy.
This poor town of Mercury just felt resigned. Almost as if dysfunctional relationships are acceptable. No one cares. No one helps. They all look away.
I loved Burns’s descriptive writing style. It pulled emotions into it, and that is what helped make it a 4 star read for me. I could see and feel the dynamics of each character. How some were so cold, and others were hot off the grill. I could feel the tenderness between Way and Marley, and the adoration from Shay. Great read!