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Sometimes a secret is all a woman has to call her own.


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A roofing family’s bonds of loyalty are tested when they uncover a long-hidden secret at the heart of their blue-collar town—from Amy Jo Burns, author of the critically acclaimed novel Shiner.

It’s 1990 and seventeen-year-old Marley West is blazing into the river valley town of Mercury, Pennsylvania. A perpetual loner, she seeks a place at someone’s table and a family of her own. The first thing she sees when she arrives in town is three men standing on a rooftop. Their silhouettes blot out the sun.

The Joseph brothers become Marley’s whole world before she can blink. Soon, she is young wife to one, The One Who Got Away to another, and adopted mother to them all. As their own mother fades away and their roofing business crumbles under the weight of their unwieldy father’s inflated ego, Marley steps in to shepherd these unruly men. Years later, an eerie discovery in the church attic causes old wounds to resurface and suddenly the family’s survival hangs in the balance. With Marley as their light, the Joseph brothers must decide whether they can save the family they’ve always known—or whether together they can build something stronger in its place.

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Amy Jo Burns

Amy Jo Burns is the author of the memoir Cinderland and the novel Shiner. Her writing has appeared in Elle, Good Housekeeping, The Paris Review Daily, and the anthology Not That Bad. A western Pennsylvania native, she now lives in New Jersey with her family.

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Publisher Celadon Books
Genre Literary Fiction
Publication Date Jan 30 2024
ISBN 9781250908568


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Nov 20 2023 – 11:47 PM


Mercury by Amy Jo Burns is an adult literary fiction novel with themes of family and loyalty...

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Nov 20 2023 – 11:41 PM

Secrecy interesting

I am so here for the secrets, it has me not only curious but also intrigued when it said...

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Nov 20 2023 – 11:38 PM


This seems like it is going to be an amazing book! From the very first page, the author set up...

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