I loved it

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This was such a good read. A quiet family saga with a mystery behind it can be done really well or fall short and I’m so glad this was so well done.⁣

We follow Marley West, a seventeen year old newcomer to the town of Mercury, Pennsylvania who meets the Joseph family. Mom and dad and three brothers soon become Marley’s entire world and she has an important relationship with each member - not all of them good. The story begins in 1990 and continues through the decade as we learn about the secrets each member of the family hides. ⁣

This is a quiet character driven novel which I usually love and this was no exception. If you love a family saga with complex characters and relationship this will not disappoint. We even have a horrifying discovery in a church attic to add a mystery element to this novel. It’s very well done and one that will definitely stay with me. You cannot forget any of these characters quickly.