Family Drama

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2.75/5 stars! This book has some strong factors in its favor. Small-town elements, family drama, and an interesting setting created an opportunity for a strong story. I don't read a lot of family/generational trauma books, so I may have been the wrong audience for this book. Things I liked: I enjoyed the first 20% of the story. Things I didn't enjoy: Umm. I feel like this book would have been epic if it was actually a thriller about a mysterious young woman named Marley inserting herself into the family and breeding chaos as she fully takes over. That more closely aligns with where this story seemed to be going as opposed to some weird family drama slash romance. I hate hate HATED Marley, which meant I wasn't likely going to enjoy a story where she is at the center or everything. There was also so many time hops. Time hops need to be done extremely carefully to be successful and that wasn't the case with this story.