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Mercuy by Amy Jo Burns is a wonderfully written, beautiful novel. It is the story of Marley West and how her life becomes intertwined with the Joseph family who operate a roofing company in Marley's new town, Mercury.

Opening with a husband and wife who have grown apart, Amy Jo Burns slowly reveals more and more about each character gently guiding you to see past your first impressions. As you learn more about Marley and Waylon, a mystery arises that involves the entire Joseph family. Waylon, Baylor, Shay Baby, Mick, and Elise make up the Joseph family and are each filled with secrets that must be told. Mercury is a page turner that begs to be read slowly so you can savor the writing style and spend just a little more time getting to know the characters.

Amy Jo Burns expertly captures the complexities of family, friendship, love, and small towns in her latest novel, Mercury.