A sweeping story of love, family and secrets

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3.5 stars! A sweeping story of love, family and secrets and holding it all together for the family business

There's not a leak that a Joseph can't fix. Fixing the wrong doings and miscommunications of their family is another issue.

The Joseph family is an institution in Mercury. Led by father Mick and his wife Elise they have three boys, Baylor, thirteen month younger Waylon and much younger Shay. They own a roofing business and each boy has predetermined expectations they have to live up to.

In 1990 at the age of seventeen Marley West came to Mercury with her mother to start over. She is immediately pursued by the oldest Joseph brother Baylor. She gets an invite to the family table and slowly integrates herself with the family. Marley realizes her heart lies with Waylon, and not Baylor and soon they become engaged and married. This story follows a decade of family secrets, dysfunctional family dynamics, complicated relationships, and heartbreak.

I did enjoy this novel but this is not my usual cuppa coffee. Contemporary fiction is not a genre of mine I gravitate to but i'm glad I read this book. Was a nice break from thrillers and romance books. Novels like these make me feel weighed down and sad for what could have been but I guess that's what real life is all about. There was a small mystery aspect that I enjoyed and the ending, although a little uncertain, was satisfying.

This book was borrowed from my local library

Author: Amy Jo Burns
Genre: Fiction, Contemporary, Family