A Slice of Life in a Small Town

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This is an interesting story about how a young woman named Marley and her mother move to a little town called Mercury where she becomes entwined with a certain roofing family, the Josephs. It ranges back and forth in time, starting with the discovery of a body in the church attic and then jumping back with the various viewpoints of Marley and the Joseph brothers, Baylor, Waylon, and Shay. It may be a small town but there are big secrets that Marley learns ( about Elise) and is a part of and she does her best to stay afloat with it all and grow fast to take care of them, their business, and the son she has with Waylon. I really admire her for being willing to take such a big responsibility upon her shoulders, even when she doesn’t make the best choices. I still rooted for and the brothers, they were able to keep the roofing business running despite Mick’s flamboyant ideas that used up so much of the company account. He and Elise were not so easy to like but made a good foil for Marley and Waylon.

This book has sweet points, heartbreak, sadness, and joy and I really came to love how human the characters were, none of them are perfect but each of them left marks on the others to make them who they were by the time the body is uncovered.