Well I'm an emotional soggy mess

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Five soggy, crying, messy and utterly devastated tears. Each time I think I know what I'm getting into with a Stacey Lee book, she does something new and shatters my soul.

I mean, I knew I should have expected heartbreak and tragedy, this being a Titanic novel, but daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.

Anywho, it's about a Chinese acrobat trying to reunite with her brother and get into the United States, except the US has just banned all Chinese people from entering. However, Val has a plan and a whole lot of gumption: first, find Jamie. Then, find the circus owner. And third, figure out a way to audition and win the man's heart and become famous as hell.

Unfortunately for Val, history has other plans, and soon she is fighting to survive one of the worst maritime disasters in history.

I dearly love Lee's books, as she creates such brilliant characters and illuminates history with such beautiful prose.