Titanic Story

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I'm glad that I was able to get to this one before the year was over. I really enjoyed The Downstairs Girl back in May. I will say that I enjoyed that one a bit more than I enjoyed this one. I was so excited to have a book set during the Titanic especially from a teenage point of view. I loved the time period and the idea behind the plot, but I wanted it executed a little differently. For such a tragic event that was supposed to be difficult I wanted the pacing to be a little more intense or not as easy. Nothing really seemed like a challenge for the characters even though it was supposed to be. The ending left me shocked because even though I knew this was a Titanic story I didn't see it coming. It kinda made me question the rest of the book and the "point", which is what I felt with The Downstairs Girl's beginning. I'm interested to see how Stacey Lee continues to grow as a writer.