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Luck of the Titanic is a spectacular piece of historical fiction. It draws on a couple of real stories of Titanic passengers and crew, and then adds original characters and story lines to give a new twist on a now classic moment in history.

The story focuses on Chinese twins who haven’t been close in years and have conflicting visions for their future. Valora wants to return to a life of performing with her brother. She has her sights set on convincing Jamie to join her. Jamie, on the other hand, is more comfortable sticking with the status quo and continuing his working class lifestyle. Over the course of several days, Valora learns more about her twin and the men working deep within the Titanic, while also experiencing the riches of first class and attempting to convince everyone else she belongs on the upper decks.

Valora is brave and kind. She wants people to be treated with respect and she wants to take care of those who can’t take care of themselves. She is a lovely leading lady and an excellent guide to this page turning adventure.