Slow until the end

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I read a First Impression of this story and was eager to know the end. The First Impression did a good job of drawing the reader in because, unfortunately, once Valora makes it onto the Titanic the story moves extremely slowly from there.

I think overall the plots spent far too much time on the journey prior to the infamous collision with the iceberg, which doesn’t happen until the last 20% of the book. Once that occurs, it feels like the story moves almost too quickly. That all being said, I was incredibly impressed with the end and even gasped out loud at one point.

I think Stacy Lee did an amazing job with drying out the nuances of each character, which forces us to question why we believe some individuals are “worth” saving over others. If she had spent more time dealing with the actual sinking, as opposed to the journey leading up to it, I think the story would’ve been even more poignant.

Overall, an incredibly tragic story that is well written and chock full of real historical details. Definitely one to check out!