My heart is wounded

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Valora misses her brother, and she needs to get him back. She sneaks on to the Titanic, where Jamie is riding, to reconnect with him after two years being apart. I loved Valora’s spicy nature and her refusal to bow down to what everyone—or anyone, really—wanted. Her ability to play both the role of Mrs. Sloan and a member of Jamie’s crew was admirable. I loved her developing friendships with April and Charlotte.

Jamie and Valora made a very realistic pair of twins that often annoyed each other. I loved the familial bonds between all of the Johnnies.

I was so nervous to figure out which two of the crew we’d be losing (from the front of the book). And I honestly didn’t see that coming. I was so excited to see where Valora and Bo would go, where she would make her life in America. And my heart just got ripped out instead. At least Jamie found Charlotte. I’m still emotionally raw from this and need time to recover. That’s the sign of a good book.