Loved this unique diverse read

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This was one of my most anticipated YA summer reads (is May summer?) and it was everything I had hoped for. Luck of the Titanic was my introduction to Stacey Lee's books, and after having read this one, I'll be back for more.

Valora Lucks board the R.M.S. Titanic as a stowaway, since she isn't allowed to go to America because of the Chinese Exclusion Act. She knows her twin brother is aboard as well, traveling to find work. Once safely on deck, she is able to assume the roles of wealthy eccentric widow in first class and poor Chinese immigrant boy in third class. With help from friends in all classes and from all backgrounds, Valora is able to reunite with her brother. Will her disguises be enough to get her to America, however?

This book does require a decent amount of suspension of disbelief, but hey, that's why it's labeled as historical fiction. I loved how the author portrayed the Chinese characters in such a historical event; that ethnicity is rarely discussed with regards to the sinking of the Titanic. The ending took me by complete surprise as well, but it was very well done.

Exciting, Engaging, and Unique, this book will have you captivated from start to finish.