Liked it a lot!

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First and foremost what a beautiful cover. And what I love is that whats inside is just as good.

I never even knew there were Chinese passengers on the titanic and Stacey Lee managed to write an entire book on their experiences. Reading about them helped me put into perspective what the voyage was like for people who didn't conform to the Caucasian community.

One thing I really loved was that you know how this is going to end. The ship sinks yet the characters that she introduced us to, I wanted to get to know them better. I wish I had a longer learning about their stories. Its also amazing to know that six of the eight passengers managed to survive despite the survival count being so low. I've read so many books about the titanic and this one still managed to make me feel suspense. I mean I know what is going to happen next yet I still didn't. I don't reccommend this book to just teens. I think adults would enjoy it too.