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I was really scared to read this book at first because I assumed it would be like "They Both Die at the End" where a disaster is promised, since the story relies on the Titanic backdrop. Despite that worry, I went in and really enjoyed this book. It was great to see how the siblings' Chinese culture clashed with the American one presented. Its so so important how Lee was able to bring light to the few Chinese passengers of the titanic who had been ignored by historians and retellings.
The only thing I wasn't a big fan of was the romance aspect of the novel. (No spoiling), I just thought it was unnecessary to the plot and I wish it focused more on the relationship between Val and Jamie instead. Other times I worried that the writing was very slow, but the buildup of tension towards the story's conclusion was excellent.
Val and Jamie are such strong characters and it's so easy to see how determined and passionate Val is throughout the story. I loved these twins and I loved this story.