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You know you're going to read a good book when it's by Stacey Lee. This was no different. Though I had no idea what to expect. I sure do love traumatic stories that take place on ships though sometimes they are a little off balance. We have too much build up then the ship sinks. This felt balanced though, which I dug.

We had the chance to meet all these wonderful characters on the Titanic. Though I loved some of them too much that I did want more. I wanted more time with them on the Titanic and more time with them as the ship sank. I wanted to know more about their lives even though there was going to be heartbreak.

And there sure was a lot of heartbreak.

It was fun to follow the lives of twins especially as one wanted to restart their lives in the US with a circus act. Though it seems almost impossible because the US has barred its borders to Chinese immigration.