An Instant Favorite!

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This book really surpassed all of my expectations! It made me laugh, cry, and feel all the emotions in-between. I could not put it down, partly because I knew how it would (duh it’s the Titanic), but I also so desperately wanted it to miraculously end happy. This was just a heart wrenching story of family and female empowerment, with themes of racism and classism mixed in. I especially adored the main character Val. She was so strong, but I loved the parts of the book where she was more vulnerable, and I got so attached to her by the end, specifically because I am too a biracial Chinese young adult. I will cherish this representation and the joy it brought me a thousand times over. It was fascinating watching her wrestle with her own perspective of her dead parents, vs. her brother’s. Personally, I thought that both their characters have excellent arcs. I absolutely adored the sibling/family dynamics in this.

The best part of this book was by far the atmosphere! This is a very character based story until the last 15%, but I really didn’t mind. I actually think that made me love the book even more. I actually felt like I was on the Titanic, which was terrifying and amazing all at once. Another thing I adored was the found family trope! It’s a favorite of mine, and it was done super well in Luck of the Titanic. The cast of characters was vast and eccentric and I loved them all.

Overall, if you’re looking for a well-rounded book that will give you all the feels, definitely read Luck of the Titanic!!