A fresh take on a tragic tale

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I loved Stacey Lee's last book, The Downstairs Girl, so I couldn't wait to preview this new one. Told in wonderfully descriptive language, Valora's tale instantly brings to light anxiety and anticipation and introduces a piece of history I was preciously unfamiliar with: The Chinese Exclusion Act. In addition to bringing this part of history to a well-known historical event, I am excited that this book is focused on family bonds, specifically between a brother and a sister. I look forward to reading this tale of heartbreak, family, and perseverance as told through the eyes of a young Chinese woman at the turn of the twentieth century. I have no doubt that Stacey Lee will bring it to life, as is is evident in the six chapters that I've had the privilege to read so far. I would definitely recommend that anyone who enjoys historical fiction, #OwnVoices books, or YA to check this one out.