Somehow relatable.

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I read her book on wattpad. So after knowing that her book is written under a pandemic plot on quarantine, i knew it was gonna be amazing. So not gonna give spoilers but maybe the name and cover may not seem eye catching to many these days. The book is totally worth it. It is different from our normal romance books. And the fact that it is highly relatable makes it more impressive in more than one ways.

So i think it is for someone who is looking for something different. Not everyone may like it but i loved it. The plot, the characters. It is so difficult to not give a spoiler but the main characters are well written. And the story progress is quite exceptional. Not too fast and not too slow. Honestly you should read it if you really want to. Leaving a book in between is not something good in any way. The whole ending is worth it. You just need to be a bit patient. If you are not this isn't for you. But maybe you will be hooked on it like me. Especially if u read her book from wattpad!