Pandemic fun

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Lockdown on London Lane was a perfect book to read just coming out of the heart of the pandemic. i loved all the characters and the big of magic and love and good feelings the book brought. the cover is also very engaging and bright, something to enjoy looking at when the story might not always be in fact so birght, shiny and happy.

i loved the premise of the story and that the author managed to make a lighthearted love story and friendship story that occurred from a sad and horriple event in our history. this is a book to go back to over and oveer again to read and get a glimpse inside how some people may have lived and fallen in love during the pandemic and craeting their own bubbles in the world in order to keep living and keep moving.

i'd read a sequel about all the characters if there was ever goign to be one, they were so much fun to get to know. thanks for the copy.