good concept but fell flat

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this was such a cute story and i really enjoyed reading the perspective of a lockdown from london! the writing flowed pretty smoothly throughout the story, making it an easy read.

while i enjoyed the multiple povs, i felt that they were very shallow and i couldn't really connect with any of the characters. it took awhile for me to realize which story was which, and many of the characters felt annoying to me.

i did really enjoy ethan's pov, as his relationship with charlotte was very adorable, and imogen's pov as i liked her dynamic with nate. i think a full-fledged novel of either one of these povs or just two/three povs in total would make the book much better since i found myself skimming a lot of the povs i didn't enjoy.

i really didn't like serena as her entire storyline was kind of childish and silly to me. isla and danny's relationship and the bridesmaids were okay, sort of boring, but i liked the ending of the possible lesbian relationship between two of the bridesmaids, which i thought was very cute and was rooting for them.

overall, the concept seemed very interesting but the execution fell flat. the beginning was very repetitive as we read how five apartments realized the lockdown was happening and most of the characters were very flat and boring. however, i did enjoy most aspects of the book, and would recommend for anyone looking for a light read!