Entertaining look back at lockdown

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I can’t believe it took me so long to read this fun, heartwarming book. It follows the inhabitants (residents and visitors) of five apartments early in the pandemic, when they are all unexpectedly quarantined for a week after another resident falls ill. Their situations are all slightly different, but none of them are fully prepared to spend so much uninterrupted time in the company of those they’re forced to. Some relationships falter, while others blossom. The best is a longtime couple who fight bitterly over pineapple on pizza.

The pandemic is still a little fresh to me, so it was weird to read about characters who think they’re only going to be affected by a one-week quarantine and to be honest, although I did well during quarantine, the book was still a little bit triggering. I already feel wise. I think adding a character who is truly alone would have added an interesting dimension.