Curious but not hooked yet

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Lockdown on London Lane begins with Imogen having a one night stand with someone she met on a dating site. As she is sneaking out of the building she is told the building is in lockdown due to a positive Covid test. Now she is stuck for 7 days with her hook-up.

I wasn't super impressed with the dialogue in the first few chapters. It didn't catch my attention and seemed a little uncomfortable and awkward. I'm not sure if that will improve as the characters become more established in the book.

I am hesitant to read a book about the pandemic only a few years after it happened. I feel like it's too soon and still something that is impacting society and people's lives.

I have not read a book by Beth Reekles before so I would be interested to give this book a try. Each chapter is from a different point of view and I do enjoy that style of writing. It keeps it interesting