An entertaining and timely romcom

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In Beth Reekles’s Lockdown on London Lane, this stand-alone romantic comedy is timely and would keep you in suspense and have you laughing in stitches. It all started for the residents of London Lane, when their apartment building complex was in lockdown for a week, during the Covid-19 pandemic. For Ethan, he was separated from his girlfriend Charlotte and couldn’t live without her. For Serena and Zach, they’ve been together for so long, but they haven’t defined what they want in the future as a couple in their relationship. For Imogen and Nate, they had a one-night stand, but could they be something more. As of Isla and Danny, Liv and Addison, would they find new love and give it a chance? For these residents, love was on their line along with some laughs and romantic challenges along the way, while they were locked inside the apartment for one whole week.

This romcom was compelling and uber-funny with laughs. I cared for the five couples, who were trying to find true love in the most unusual circumstances. The forced proximity trope worked well for being sheltered for one week in London, England. The location of being inside an apartment in London had real good scenic settings. The theme of the story is love can sneak up on you in the most unfortunate time.

This funny romcom will keep you laughing. I rated this book, four of five stars, because for a romance, you’re supposed to focus on one couple and their growing relationship. Not five couples. It’s so much going on, plus less tropes is better than a bunch thrown in for good measure. If you love heart-stopping and hilarious romcoms with plenty of romantic action, lots of suspenseful drama, and a bundle of laughs, Lockdown on London Lane is for you. This book is recommended for fans of delightful romcom movies and on Hallmark Channel, and Heidi Stephens’s Never Gonna Happen.