A solid,enjoyable read

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When I read the first few chapters, I was immediately hooked by the engaging storytelling. Ms. Reekles is very adept at making all these characters relatable, not an easy feat when reading so many characters.

Dealing with so many emergent issues thanks to a pandemic, all these couples, and friends needed to do a lot of introspection about themselves and their relationships. Because nothing like a global emergency to make you realize who and what is important.

After all, this is what we have all been doing for the last two years. Because of that, I had to walk away and come back to this book several times. Not because the read was especially triggering for me, but because it's a reality we are still very much dealing with. The kaleidoscope of emotions is very hard to escape from. The magic of this book is that it makes you run the gamut while rooting for every single character. And that is something I was willing to do, even in the middle of a pandemic. That is a testament to the great writing on Lockdown on London Lane!