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This book is just pulling me in from just the first two chapters! I need to know what is going to happen!!!

It seems as though they will be talking about a few different people/couples in the apartments and hopefully they will come to the person who has the virus.

I love that this is set during the pandemic and I really think we are going to a feel of what everyone went through. I think there will be different situations that I am sure we all will be able to relate to. I think I already know what will happen with apartment #14. I think they will somehow fall in love because they will be stuck together for that week or more.

As for the couple in apartment #6, I believe that Ethan will be away from his girlfriend, Charlotte, for much longer than a week. I am really interested in seeing how Ethan handles himself during that time alone. He is already panicking a little with the 1 week.

Will the lockdown make or break them?? I really want to know!