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A BookishFirst win.

This book is about the story of Cohen Marah, who is the son of a funeral home owner. Cohen has a sister, Kaye, who left with their mom when their parents separated. This book takes place over 5 days in the life of Cohen. It starts with him stepping over his dad's bloodied body inside the funeral parlor. His dad is brought to the hospital and an investigation is started. During the course of the investigation, Cohen encounters Ava, a girl from his childhood, who is now a detective. Cohen wonders if he killed his father but he isn't sure. During the course of this week, he relives a time from his childhood where he encounter Hippie and Than, siblings who are desperately trying to escape The Beast. Cohen joins them in their search with a disastrous ending. He had buried these memories and isn't quite sure why they are coming out now. While visiting his dad in the hospital, he befriends a young boy whose grandfather is in the next room.

I have never read a book by this author before and I almost gave up when The Beast was introduced but I stuck with the story. It was a good story but a bit hard to get through.