Another Exciting story from the Courtney family!

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Set shortly after the second World War, this is one action packed novel featuring Saffron Courtney and her husband as they search for Gerhard's brother, Konrad, an SS officer that ran at the end of the war. That was an exciting part of the book! I liked the chase and I think Gerhard and Saffron are so strong and work very well together. They are a great couple and it was good to see their expertise when they helped Israel catch Konrad so that he could stand trial for his many crimes.

The other Courtney that had a semi big part in this book was Saffron's father Leon. He is also strong and fights for the rights and freedom of the Kenyans when so many others are oppressing them. The Mau Mau have risen up in retaliation for the the oppression which leads to much more violence and it is again time for the Courtneys to take a stand. I preferred the Konrad section of the book but this part was well written too. I like reading the stories of the Courtneys and I would not mind reading more about Saffron and her husband and family.