This was a fun and quick read.

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This was a fun and quick read. It had a framing device that I have now seen twice in Star Wars books where it is a story being told about the main character by a side character of the adventure many years later. It is an interesting framing device that I don't think this story really perfected but it used it well enough to get a bit more out of the end. The adventure of the story was also fine, nothing mindblowing but also not dull. I thought the characters played off each other well through Lando and L3 seemed a bit flatter than they did in Solo and Lando felt a bit more vein. Also, I will forever associate capes in Star Wars with a few imperial officers so yes Lando, the cape is not a good look for you. I also though the part where Lando's motivation turned toward being a hero was interesting as he does of course later go on to become one of the greatest heroes in the Galaxy.