Fun with the Family

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Star Wars has been around significantly longer than I have. These movies, books, shows, and theme parks, will all have a much larger legacy than I will ever leave. That being said, to live in a time where I can both read this book to my niece and nephew and one day take them to star wars land at Disneyland is truly a gift.
This book tells just one adventure of the famous Lando Calrissian, adventures, brave, and troublemaker extraordinaire. He goes on a wild ride that is equally enjoyable for kids and adults alike.
What I really liked about this novel is that I could read it with my niece and I was never bored. It kept both of us engaged at our wildly different age levels. It was incredibly funny and wild. I loved that though my niece has little to no previous experience with Star Wars she understood the world as well as I did, who has seen all the movies. It truly is enjoyable for old and new fans alike.