Fun Upper Elementary Age Novel

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I wouldn’t say I’m a big Star Wars fan, but I’ve at least seen all of the main Star Wars movies, 1 season of the Mandalorian, and I read several of the middle grade novels, so I know some things. I mostly read this book because I really like Justina Ireland as an author and it was at the library.

Upper elementary school kids grades 4-6 seem to be the target for this book. Like most of those books, it’s an easy, adventure filled novel that is very light on character development. Princess Rinetta is the 12 year old protagonist of the novel and she actually stands out way more than Lando. The title is somewhat misleading because while he does make some characteristic smuggling deals that go awry, he’s is more the get away driver than the main character which was fine though maybe not what readers are looking for.

The plot and dialog is really simple which is fitting for the age group. Everything is completely G rated and would fit perfectly in a school library. There’s nothing stand out about the book, but it’s fun and worth at least checking out at your library if you like Star Wars.