Ups and Downs

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This book follows Stella, who is socially awkward, and hires Michael to help her get experience. This book, as a romance, was a cute and fun read that is very fast to get through. The writing was easy to read and flowed smoothly. The cover was also very streamlined in a simplistic yet cute design that related to the actual story. I also like the math smart businesswoman because yes. I also liked the representation of Stella’s Aspergers even though that did not pan out well. Stella’s symptoms of Aspergers would come and go throughout the book as it worked for the plot. The main relationship was also not the best that I have seen throughout my history of romance books that I have read. Overall there were both positives and negatives to the story. My rating ended up being right in the middle as a good but forgettable romance story with nothing to make it stand out.