Such a cute romantic comedy!

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I really loved Helen Hoang's 'The Kiss Quotient'! I enjoyed the author's writing style and especially loved the characters! Both of the characters were truly likeable, and that can be said for most of the characters; not just the 'main' two. Like most novels (and movies) in this genre, it was indeed predictable, but it was a really cute and funny romantic comedy. It was a very quick read for me since it was so enjoyable, which was a bit surprising to me actually! I don't often read books in the romantic comedy genre, but I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. I will certainly be buying the next in Helen Hoang's series! I can only imagine that it as funny and endearing as this one. I highly recommend 'The Kiss Quotient' to anyone who wants to read a romantic story. Helen Hoang is a great author and I am so excited to read her next one!