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Well this book had me smiling from beginning to end and on top of it, I could not put it down. I finished it and was bummed out that I didn’t have the second book of the series on hand. This book was smart, funny, and sexy all rolled into one. Many reviewers have commented on how it is a reversal on Pretty Woman with a male prostitute rather than a female prostitute. I’d agree with those reviewers as well as it also has a hint of Fifty Shades of Grey in there. This book was hot and steamy throughout and Hoang doesn’t waste any time getting to the steamy parts. Page 10 and I was already reading about a fantasy between a freshman college student and his teacher. God, I didn’t want this book to end!
Stella Lane who identifies living with Autism Spectrum Disorder, is concerned that she doesn’t have the sexual skills to please a man so she hires a male escort and propositions him to help her with lessons on sex. What starts out as a simple proposal quickly turns into not just lessons on sex but in relationships. Can they keep this arrangement strictly business or will lines get blurred? It’s hard not to fall in love with these characters and I hated that this book had to end.
Side Note: I typically never put much thought into dedication pages. Sometimes I even skip over them. But when I opened the book, I read the dedication page and was clueless on what the author meant with the names and numbers and it spiked my curiosity. For anyone wondering, this is explained on page 219!