Sexy with a side of emotional gutpunch

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This book. This wonderful, glorious story. I was expecting it to be sexy and steamy just from the premise, and it sure hit those aspects right out of the gate. But what I was not prepared for was how emotional it was as the characters grew together. My heart was in my throat several times as the story went on.

What I really loved is that it presented such an authentic story for Stella, who has Asperger's. It was such a refreshing thing to read her story and have her written about so honestly. It wasn't drowned in stereotypes, but rather, it felt real and true.

Stella and Michael had such amazing chemistry together, sexually and emotionally. I was rooting for them so hard from the start. Michael is such a nuanced character as well. And the way he loves his family is just such an amazing thing. Speaking of his family, I loved them. They were also so well developed and weren't just throwaway characters. They were all fully formed and really enhanced the story.

This was the perfect summer story. I could not put it down, so much so that I ended up floating in my pool for way more hours than I had planned and had quite the sunburn to go with it. Which, quite frankly, I feel was well earned and a small price to pay for this fantastic novel.