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The Kiss Quotient is a fun romance in which you follow Stella Lane. Stella has autism, her work life is successful and she loves it. Her personal life is not so much. You follow Stella who finds and hires an escort to teach her how to be a good girlfriend. All the best romances have fake dating that always turns to more.

I love Stella, Michael is so cute, and their chemistry is undeniable. She did pay him for their first date but he was so patient and sweet with her.
Helen Hoang the author of this book also has Asperger's so it is own voices. The writing style is quirky and oddly addictive. It's kind of blunt. She says it how it is.

I love this book and i will read anything this author writes. If you want a fun fake dating heart warming romance that breaks all the rules you have found the book to read. I would follow Stella and Michael anywhere. They are perfect together!