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Not impressed

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This is an own voices novel, Stella is autistic, as is the author,
but the storyline is not very realistic.

Stella is bad at sex, or so she says. She’s also bad at relationships and human interactions in general. So she hires Michael, an escort, to teach her a thing or two.

I was entertained for the first fifty or so pages, then I became tired of the sex talk. Do we really need to talk about it in every single page? No, we don’t.

I was expecting a smart romance, but it really isn’t that original. Of course, the fact that the main character is autistic is a breath of fresh air, but I didn’t connect with her. I understood her – she’s pretty straightforward and eloquent – but none of the characters felt particularly three dimensional to me.

It’s a lot of will they/won’t they, but the reader knows that they will. Come on. So the fact that the protagonists are so confused about their feelings for one another gets old fast and becomes rather annoying. Enough!