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I thought the writing was great. The characters were well developed and unique. I saw something of myself in Stella when it came to the awkwardness of dating and not connecting to people very well. I was cheering for her and Michael the whole time. Those two certainly had loads of chemistry that jumped off the page. The steaminess factor was something I had been expecting when I started the book but not as soon as it showed up. It fit with the story though so no complaints. The side characters were just as great to watch as the main characters. They added real depth to the story and helped flesh out the world Helen created. Helen did some amazing world building. I could totally picture each setting, Stella’s house, Michael’s apartment. Michael’s family life and his bickering sisters are realistic. I wish the sisters could get their own book, I adored them so much. Over all, I recommend this book to anyone looking for a happy, light read.