A completely addictive & steamy romance!!

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4.5 stars rounded down to 4

Helen Hoang is such an incredible author. After finishing this one, I’ve now read all 3 books from this “series” (although they can certainly be read as standalones). I really enjoyed them all, but this one was definitely my favorite.

I’d order them:
1️⃣ The Kiss Quotient
2️⃣ The Bride Test
3️⃣ The Heart Principle

But they’re all really good!
I love how realistic and raw Hoang’s romances are. And, of course, I love her inclusivity and how she teaches the reader about the experiences of people that are on Autism Spectrum.
Other than knowing about Hoang’s general writing style, I kind of went into this one blind. What an interesting storyline having the male MC being an escort. I was hooked from the start. And it was HOT. All 3 of these books have some steam, but this one takes the cake. And I loved it.
Stella and Michael are GOALS. Loved them both separately and together. Their chemistry was off the charts.
If you haven’t read one of these books yet, you’re really missing out. Coming from someone who is always super picky about her romance choices - I think all of these books are must reads, especially this one.