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I picked this plonk up because someone was recommending books that had a romantic comedy vibe on the cover, but actual spice in the book. Deceiving… was not disappointed!
The plot was different than I usually see, but kinda how a lot of us feel. The woman thinks that she is bad at personal relationships- in and out of the bedroom. So she hires an escort. Although we (probably) all may feel like this at some point, the author throws in a twist on reasons why she believes this. Bring in one handsome, talented man who has the patience to do what a man should accept her as she is. Not only does she learn to love herself, but he learns to let go of the past and be himself as well.
I gave this one a 5 star because it made me laugh and had spicy scenes!
It also had a few twists that were unexpected and always fun!
To me a 5 star is one that I would not only recommend, but also read again and want a physical copy of. So 5 stars!