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Overly Wordy

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Michael is a Kingman, a family designated to serve the king. But he and his siblings are outcasts after their father killed the young prince. While Michael’s siblings move on in the world, Michael feels a deep desire to clear his father. But there is a rebellion on and the moon is breaking into pieces around them. IN a world of magic and intrigue, Michael is in way above his head.
This book is massive. The bare-bones are good. A young man wants to save his family and learn is magic. He makes a deal with a High Noble to do so. This layered in mystery. Did his father actually ill the young prince and deserved to die when Michael was just a kid? The twist feels good and I hadn’t expected it. I liked the author thinking outside the box.
But secondary stories seem to take over. His friends cause a variety of issues that don’t add to the main start and seem like video games side quests. So much of the content just to take up space and waste time. Several branches don’t affect the overall story or ending at all.
But where I really needed more info it wasn’t there. I needed more information about the rebels and the politics at hand. I needed to know more about the moon and why people weren’t more distraught in its destruction. I wanted to know more about the magic system. So much content could have been replaced for a shorter and more pleasing story.
Author Nick Martel is setting up and epic fantasy saga but the first book is too clunky and often loses my attention. While I might be interested in further books in this series for the base story, I’m not sure I’d be willing to wade through such a thick and overly wordy tome again.