It wasn't for me

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Have you ever read a book where things happen but you just don't have any feelings towards it at all? That's how I feel about this book.

The book starts off strong with the introduction of Michael Kingman, the son of king killer. It's setup to be quite interesting from the beginning and I found myself being really intrigued and wanting to not put it down. As I continued my read it just felt like things were happening but also not at all. If that makes sense.

There is definitely death and other things that follow certain characters but I never felt bad for what happened to them. They either weren't in the picture for very long or they just felt flat because there just wasn't any background there for them.

The world-building and magical system also lacked for me. I wanted more background and just more information and sentences to describe the setting. I want to be able to imagine it in my head and I just didn't get that with this.

Overall, this one just wasn't for me. There just wasn't anything that kept me pulled in to this world and the characters in it.