Intriguing Debut Novel

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The Kingdom of Liars is a great debut and start to The Legacy of The Mercenary Kings series. I was impressed with the author's unique storylines and his take on magic in the world of Hollow.

When I saw that this book was over 600 pages, I admit that I was intimidated. I started reading it and thought the story was intriguing. There were times where I felt that I had to force myself to keep going but it didn't happen enough times to make me stop.

Michael Kingman tells the story of how he ended up on trial for the murder of a King. That is how he gets the 'King Killer' moniker. We see how he got to that point through his perspective. The author did a great job of incorporating the themes of lies, betrayal, secrets, power, politics, and magic.

I give The Kingdom of Liars 4 stars. It's a thrilling fantasy novel. The main character Michael is well-developed and interesting. Looking forward to reading more in the series.