Didn't finish it

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This seemed like it would be right in my wheelhouse, and it does have some great ideas, but unfortunately I did not like the writing. When a book's concept relies on memory loss and unreliable narration, the plotting needs to be pretty tight, but here instead it's rather a mess. There's also a ton of infodumping in lieu of careful worldbuilding. It's like it tries way to hard at being a Brandon Sanderson or a Scott Lynch world, but misses the mark.

I ultimately made it about 1/4 through (after several false starts -- literally: I think I read the first few pages of this book like 10 times over several months, before I was finally able to push further than that), and then decided to give up.
Extra star for the great ideas! I would still give this author's work another try outside of this series, when he finds his own voice.

** I received a Review Copy of this book via NetGalley **