Are you a Kingman or a coward?”

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Excuse my French but holy shit! How did I not see that twist at the end. I just. Oh my gosh this was perfect.

I do love books that start "at the end" and then tell you the story as to how they got in that predicament

This one starting with Michael Kingman. A branded traitor of the king on trial for the murder of said king. And from the very start there is so much action as we follow Michael make his way to killing the king and finding out the truth behind the reason his father was killed and him and his siblings branded and casted out of the kings favor.

I really enjoyed that there was not really any romance to this. Just a boy trying to clear his family name....and that there was threats of cutting of appendages and feeding them to said person. I knew this was the one for me.

Although.....When I had seen how many pages there were I was a bit intimidated, but I absolutely enjoyed every bit of it.... I kind of with there was more.

A side note: Domet is probably a favorite characters for me because he literally says "“Only one of those bottles over there held vodka. Please, do you really think that’s what I’m like when I’m drunk? I’m a functioning alcoholic, not a child.” I loved him the moment he left the asylum but after that I was completely down.